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The next generation of super-resolution microscope reveals biology in a new light. We can now image cells at the highest resolution, understand molecular interactions and dynamics and study the fundamentals of biology through single-molecule fluorescence.

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Quantitative cellular imaging

Gain detailed understanding of cellular features through multi-color super-resolution images with advanced data analysis including colocalization and clustering.

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Tracking single molecules and vesicles in cells

The Nanoimager can track singe molecules and single vesicles in mammalian cells and bacteria.

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Protein complex assembly

Intensity measurements, super-resolution and multi-color labeling for characterizing protein complexes and their assembly.

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Molecular mechanisms and interactions

Using smFRET to understand molecular interactions and dynamics, including enzymes and substrates, protein aggregates in neurodegeneration and other protein-protein interactions.

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Single-molecule FRET

A dynamic, real-time nanoscale ruler, now a general tool for characterizing molecular interactions and structure with Alternating Laser Excitation (ALEX) support.

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Exosomes and microvesicles

Understanding the structure and function of extracellular vesicles through fluorescence microscopy.

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Epigenetic mapping

Imaging specific target sites on DNA at the single-molecule level: a simple tool for characterizing the distribution of epigentic sites.

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DNA-PAINT shows sub-20 nm resolution

DNA--PAINT provides easy localization-based super-resolution with nanorulers from GATTAquant GmbH.