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Introducing: ONI’s Next-Generation End-to-End Solution for EV Research Learn More


Super resolution microscopy

Techniques and illumination modes

dSTORM & PALM microscopy

Achieve over 10-fold enhancement in resolution compared with widefield with dSTORM and PALM microscopy.

20 nm resolution

Resolve and visualize structures down to 20 nm in the XY plane.

3D imaging

Engage the astigmatic lens and explore the nanoworld in 3D with a Z resolution reaching 50 nm.

Quantitative results

Fluorescence microscopy becomes quantitative with dSTORM and PALM, count individual molecules as well as resolve structures.

dSTORM microscopy PALM microscopy

Single-molecule FRET (smFRET)

Real-time nanoscale ruler operates on a 2-10 nm range. ONI is the only provider of commercial solutions for smFRET.

Insights into molecular interactions

Determine the spatial proximity of protein molecules so you can identify molecular interactions, binding events and dwell times.

Large field of view captures thousands of smFRET events

Increase experimental throughput by capturing thousands of single molecules at the same time.

Dedicated smFRET analysis

Plot and group individual FRET traces, as well as population averages.


Single-particle tracking

Follow particles at a nanometer scale simultaneously in two channels.

Live cell imaging

With built in heating control, autofocus and support for microfluidic setups, live-cell imaging couldn’t be easier.

Track in four colors. Two at once

With four laser colors, you can track up to four different molecules in one experiment, with two tracked simultaneously.

Dedicated tracking analysis

Our dedicated NimOS software enables automatic particle tracking as well as measurement of diffusion coefficients, particle sizing and concentrations.

Single Particle Tracking

PAINT imaging

Transient binding for super-resolution imaging

20 nm resolution

Resolve and visualize structures down to 20 nm in the XY plane.

Higher localization precision

A longer blink means a brighter spot that can be detected by microscopes like the Nanoimager with higher localization precision, leading to images of higher resolution.

Reduction of signal blinking

In PAINT, fluorophores are constantly replaced by new imaging strands through binding kinetics, which prevents them from being permanently bleached like in dSTORM imaging where these are fixed to the epitopes.

PAINT imaging


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