<p><strong>Introducing</strong>: ONI’s Next-Generation End-to-End Solution for EV Research <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Learn More</span></p>

Introducing: ONI’s Next-Generation End-to-End Solution for EV Research Learn More

EV sample characterization

Let our experts do the work for you

EV sample characterization service

Our in-house team of experts will use ONI’s Nanoimager super-resolution microscope and EV Profiler kit to characterize your EV samples and determine the type, size, morphology and relative abundance of the EVs in your sample. Acceptable biofluids include serum, urine, milk, and liquid biopsies. Kindly inquire about additional sources.

The ONI Advantage:

  • End-to-end solution from sample to report using ONI developed QC process, including sample preparation, imaging, visualization and analysis software 
  • Visualize your EVs with resolutions down to 20 nm 
  • Complete report with quantified data views and results 
  • Fast turnaround (2 weeks from sample submission to results) 
  • All samples run in triplicates 
  • “Go/No-Go” QC steps to save time
  • Cost-effective


Kickoff meeting
Critical data related to experiment design is gathered, and anticipated data outputs are agreed to meet specific requirements.

Data review meeting
Scheduled after experiments conclude, which include an in-depth experiment results review with an ONI Applications Scientists.

Summary report
A complete summary report as well as access to raw data will be provided through our web-based CODI platform for further investigation using ONI workflows and apps.

Estimated turnaround time: 2 weeks

Sample submission

For your convenience, we request that you package the biofluid samples securely and transport them using cold packs to ensure their integrity during transit. These precautions are essential as the samples make their way to our state-of-the-art laboratory located in San Diego, CA, as indicated by the address provided below.

We’ll assist you with the intake form and walk you through this simple process.

Minimum number of samples

Shipment Address
ONI Inc.
11045 Roselle St. Suite 120,
San Diego, CA 92121,
United States of America

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