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Introducing: Discovery Kit™: dSTORM in Cells. Learn More

Preparing a Grant Submission

Grants & Research Funding Assistance

Empowering your grant success: From vision to submission

Embarking on the path to securing funding for your project is an exciting and transformative journey. However, navigating the intricacies of grant applications can be a complex endeavor, with each funding scheme presenting its unique set of requirements and expectations. To help you chart a course towards success, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist of essential items and tasks you’ll likely need to address when preparing your grant submission.

Submission preparation

Build a story: Craft a compelling narrative that answers the questions of what, why, how, who, and when your grant proposal addresses.

Detailed bibliography and supporting data to back up rationale and innovation: Compile a comprehensive bibliography and gather supporting data to substantiate the rationale and innovation behind your proposal.

Research plan + project delivery: Clearly outline your research plan, including objectives and work packages, to ensure a well-structured project delivery.

Gantt chart for project plan with milestones and timeline: Develop a Gantt chart that outlines your project plan, milestones, and timeline to provide a visual representation of your proposal’s execution.

Engage key stakeholders prior to submission: Identify and involve key stakeholders in your project before submitting the grant proposal to secure their support and collaboration.

Create a budget and engage the finance team early on: Collaborate with your finance team to establish a detailed budget that aligns with your proposal’s needs and objectives.

IP protection strategy agreed: Ensure that an intellectual property protection strategy is in place and agreed upon for any proprietary aspects of your project.

Regulatory strategy agreed: Define and secure agreement on the regulatory strategy that may impact your project and its implementation.

Patient and Public Involvement plan: Develop a plan that outlines how patients and the public will be involved in your project, ensuring transparency and inclusivity.

Write + revise + share with the team: Dedicate time to write, revise, and share the proposal with your team for input and feedback.

Team CVs and appendices (Risk register): Include CVs of your project team members and any necessary appendices, such as a risk register, to provide a comprehensive view of your team’s capabilities and potential challenges.

Double check everything prior to submission: Conduct a thorough final review to double-check all aspects of your proposal before submitting it to maximize your chances of success.

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