<p><strong>Introducing</strong>: Discovery Kit™: dSTORM in Cells. <span style="text-decoration:underline;">Learn More</span></p>

Introducing: Discovery Kit™: dSTORM in Cells. Learn More

Pitching Super-Resolution Microscopy

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Super-resolution microscopy: Precision, innovation, funding success

Highlighting the power of super-resolution microscopy in your grant proposal will be crucial to secure funding as it demonstrates cutting-edge technology adoption, precision in research, and a competitive edge. This advanced imaging technique enhances the potential for groundbreaking discoveries, making the project more appealing to grant reviewers. Its interdisciplinary nature and potential for real-world impact align with the priorities of many funding agencies, increasing the chances of grant approval.

Below are a few helpful resources that will assist you in crafting a compelling narrative highlighting the transformative power of super-resolution microscopy in your grant proposal:

Super-res explained

Read our blog introducing super-res – what it is, how to get started, the techniques it includes and why it is useful in scientific research.


Pitching the Nanoimager

Gather essential information required to pitch the Nanoimager by visiting the product page for comprehensive details and specifications.


Cutting-edge applications

Enhance the justification for your research by elucidating the significance of super-resolution in the context of your application.


Supporting publications

Incorporate publications to elevate the contextual significance, offering a transformative perspective to understanding your research objectives.


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