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Pre-Submission Checklist

Grants & Research Funding Assistance

Pre-submission grant readiness checklist

Our pre-submission checklist help researchers and organizations prepare for successful grant funding applications. It covers key considerations such as defining project aims, aligning with funding opportunities, assessing eligibility, forming partnerships, team coordination, data support, market analysis, intellectual property considerations, and timing and award assessment.

By systematically addressing these elements, our checklist ensures that your grant proposal is well-prepared and stand a better chance of securing funding for important projects!


  1. I’ve established project aims and expected outcomes
    Ensure that the project’s aims and expected outcomes are well-defined. Clearly articulate what the project aims to achieve, why it’s important, how it will be executed, who the key stakeholders are, and when the milestones will be reached.
  2. I’ve located a suitable funding call
    Identify a funding call that aligns with the goals of your project.
  3. My project aligns with the funding call
    Verify that your project aligns well with the objectives and priorities. Assess how closely the project matches the grant scope and the priorities of the funding body.
  4. My research is eligible for the grant
    Confirm whether you are eligible to apply for the grant. Additionally, investigate whether State Aid regulations apply to the grant application.
  5. I’ve considered partnership considerations
    Evaluate the potential benefits of involving partners in your application, especially if you require patient samples or collaborative expertise. Ensure that partners have been approached and have expressed their willingness to participate. Check their eligibility for funding and determine their financial contributions versus what they expect to receive.
  6. I’ve established team coordination
    Organize a pre-submission meeting to allocate roles and responsibilities within multiple stakeholders. Consider creating a RACI table to clarify roles further.
  7. My research is supported by data
    Assess whether you have any proof-of-concept or preliminary data that supports the project’s feasibility. Having such data can strengthen your proposal.
  8. I’ve conducted a market and competition analysis
    Conduct a thorough assessment of the project’s market potential and competition. Evaluate the project’s level of innovation and identify existing competing solutions. Determine the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and consider engaging the Business Development (BD) team to build a business case.
  9. I’ve taken intellectual property (IP) factors into consideration
    Determine whether the project will generate new intellectual property. If so, ascertain whether this IP is related to any existing ONI IP. Review the funding body’s policies or terms regarding IP protection.
  10. I’m aligned on the timing and award assessment process
    Take note of the grant application deadline and ensure you have ample time for preparation (ideally more than 4 weeks). Consider the timeline from submission to award outcome. Evaluate whether the potential award amount justifies the effort and resources required for the application.

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