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  • Advancing immuno-oncology: discovery, delivery and diagnosis with super-resolution microscopy (presented by Dr. Michael Senior)

    Dr. Michael Senior will discuss some exciting opportunities for accelerating the development pipeline and the use of single-molecule microscopy to help deliver effective personalized immunotherapy.

  • A journey through the cell: Unveiling life at a single-molecule level

    Dr. Mark Harmon highlights how to visualize structures from cell membrane to nucleus in unprecedented detail. With its small but mighty design, the Nanoimager delivers the ability to see, count and track single molecules from the convenience of your benchtop.

  • Harness the power of single-molecule detection, at your finger tips

    Dr. Siobhan King highlights applications that can be performed on the Nanoimager including detecting and visualizing extracellular vesicles as well as imaging and tracking viral particles.

Application Notes

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  • EV biomarkers: characterizing EV composition and cargo at a single-molecule level

    Learn how the Nanoimager platform supports super-resolution imaging of cultured neuronal cells and the precise localization of different synaptic proteins.

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  • Neurons: revealing synapse architecture at a single-molecule level

    Learn how the Nanoimager platform allows visualization and quantification of extracellular vesicles at a single-molecule level.

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  • How to size, track and characterize EVs

    We've compiled our latest data in a simple application note to demonstrate how researchers can size, track and characterize extracellular vesicles in solution or in live cells.

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  • Learn about viral particles

    Download our viral particle application note which includes case studies on sizing, tracking and quantification of viral particles.

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  • Visualizing viral particles at a single molecule level

    Learn how the Nanoimager platform allows visualization and quantification of viral particles at a single molecule level.

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  • Neuroscience PALM array tomography

    Learn how the Nanoimager platform allows imaging of brain tissue at high-sensitivity and the visualization of individual synaptic proteins at high-resolution.

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  • Popular fluorophores for PALM imaging

    We've put together a one page, printable PDF table to help you compare the most popular fluorophores used for PALM imaging, which include photoactivatable, photoconvertible and photoswitchable fluorescent proteins, as well as synthetic dyes.

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  • Which super-resolution technique is right for you?

    We've put together a one page, printable PDF to help you choose between the Nanoimager's key super-resolution microscopy techniques. It covers core techniques including dSTORM, PALM, SPT and smFRET.

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  • Nanoimager technical specifications

    Download the full Nanoimager technical specifications as a PDF.

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  • EV guide

    This guide focuses on recent progress in fluorescent super-resolution imaging and characterization of extracellular vesicles.

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  • Beginner's guide to STORM buffers

    When preparing a sample for STORM microscopy it is also crucial to select an appropriate buffer solution, which will efficiently regulate blinking behavior and help achieve high quality super-resolution images. Here is a brief guide to STORM buffer components and how they can affect sample imaging.

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  • 9 tips to optimize your immunofluorescence staining

    We have put together some tips to help you optimize your immunofluorescence staining protocol and increase the signal-to-noise ratio in your samples.

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