Our mission

To help accelerate human discovery and fight disease by enabling everyone to see and understand the microscopic details of life.

Our values

Maximize long-term impact

It's never good enough

Empower others

Get it right, urgently

Good conscience

Communicate freely

Re-examine everything

Think detail, make simple

Recognize potential in all forms

Create abundance


Learning from the best

Our people

We are deeply passionate about microscopy and its biomedical applications. Our purpose is to unlock the true potential of microscopy and make it useful for everyone. We give our best individually and as a team and strive relentlessly towards our shared vision. There is a wild mix of people from different walks of life, sharing our experiences and learning from each other every day. We have already gone through a lot, but there is still so much to learn and strive for together. If this description resonates with you, please get in touch with us. We do not think much of job descriptions, but you can have a look at our careers page anyway.

Our awards

IOP Business Start-up Award 2018 Fast Track Disruptors to Watch 2018 BBSRC Innovator of the Year 2019

Some of our users

Our customers are spread over 4 different continents. Here are some of them

What our users are saying

"The Nanoimager provides our users with a powerful yet easy-to-use platform for super-resolution, single molecule localization imaging. The instrument is compact, intuitive to use and has been easy to integrate into our facility."

Dr Andrew Jefferson

Facility Manager at Micron Oxford, Advanced Bioimaging Unit

"While price was important for a new faculty like me, I am convinced I would have bought the Nanoimager if money had not been in question."

Dr Rizal F. Hariadi

Assistant Professor in Physics and faculty member at the Biodesign Institute, at Arizona State University.

"The ONI brings single molecule measurements out of the dark room and in to any research lab. The ONI is stable, sensitive and affordable allowing researchers to quickly get to grips with performing their measurements."

Dr. Chris Toseland

Research Fellow (MRC) at University of Kent

"Single molecule microscopy is in fact a game changer for us. The Nanoimager is extremely user-friendly and is operated in my lab by a PhD student."

Ramesh Wigneshweraraj

Professor of Molecular Microbiology at Imperial College London

"It is a very impactful tool to accelerate a drug discovery process."

Dr Maria M.Flocco

Astra Zeneca

"We really hope that what we are doing is going to be the foundation of new discoveries, a new understanding of better ways to diagnose and treat tumors."

Dr Dario Bressan

CRUK Cambridge Centre

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