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ONI's goal is to bring the most advanced fluorescence microscopy methods to a whole new community of researchers, for whom such experiments may previously have been inaccessible. In this way, we can realize the full potential of single-molecule fluorescence for understanding cells and combating disease at the molecular level.

ONI Mission

We are democratizing scientific exploration, focusing on life's finest details to resolve some of the world's biggest challenges.

ONI believe that our future depends on cutting edge scientific discovery and we are developing solutions that unveil information about our world that was previously inaccessible. Our mission is to positively impact people's lives by enabling innovation across life sciences, medicine and beyond.

ONI is focused on breaking barriers to make science more effective, accessible, affordable. We are creating the ultimate science OS that could one day be used by anyone anywhere, from the research bench to your doctor's office. In doing so we will unleash the power of the many to make all our lives better.

ONI Careers

Since 2016, we have grown rapidly to a team represented by over 30 nationalities. All disciplines from the sciences, engineering, business to humanities are well represented in this diverse, dynamic, and mission-driven team. We derive great energy from working towards our common goal of bringing tools to people to accelerate scientific discoveries and genuinely making a difference. Now we need you to join us on this journey, view our current job openings.

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Design of the super-resolution microscope, the Nanoimager, began as part of a research project at Oxford University. Oxford Nanoimaging Limited (ONI) was subsequently founded early in 2016 to provide an innovative environment and secure the investment needed to take the product forward.

Having successfully been through a number of fundraising rounds, ONI has rapidly expanded with offices in Oxford, UK, and Palo Alto, USA. Innovation continues to drive the company forward and with the 2017 launch of the lower cost Nanoimager X, super-resolution became available to new audiences.

More and more life science researchers and pharma companies are taking an interest in ONI and it now has customers using its products in leading laboratories across the globe.

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IOP Business Start-up Award 2018

Fast Track Disruptors to Watch 2018

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