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Enabling Scientific Exploration

Super-resolution microscopy has historically been hard and mysterious for most biologists.
We are on a mission to change this today, with a complete solution to make new workflows possible.

The Nanoimager

Introducing the complete package in super-resolution microscopy. dSTORM, PALM, single-particle tracking, TIRF, HILO, smFRET


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The next generation of
fluorescence microscopy

Versatile with powerful lasers

PALM, dSTORM, smFRET and SPT are all available on the Nanoimager

Live imaging

Temperature control up to 42°C and microfluidics ready

You can fit the Nanoimager anywhere

On your desktop, biosafety  cabinet, bench or hood,  the Nanoimager fits and works anywhere without an optical table or a dark room


We really hope that what we are doing is going to be the foundation of new discoveries, a new understanding of better ways to diagnose and treat tumors.

Dr. Dario Bressan
CRUK Cambridge Centre

Maria M Flocco
It is a very impactful tool to accelerate a drug discovery process.

Dr. Maria M. Flocco
Astra Zeneca

The Nanoimager brings single molecule measurements out of the dark room and in to any research lab. The Nanoimager is stable, sensitive and affordable allowing researchers to quickly get to grips with performing their measurements.

Dr. Chris Toseland
Senior Lecturer in Cancer Biology, Medical School, University of Sheffield

Single molecule microscopy is in fact a game changer for us. The Nanoimager is extremely user-friendly and is operated in my lab by a PhD student.

Professor Ramesh Wigneshweraraj
Professor of Molecular Microbiology at Imperial College London

The Nanoimager with its compact design and user-friendly interface has allowed our users to access a state-of-the-art super-resolution localization microscope in the most convenient way. The friendly and dedicated team at ONI provide excellent customer support in a timely manner, even during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Dr. Nadia Halidi
Imaging Specialist & Micron Facilities Leader

NimOS, intuitive software to power your discovery

Real-time rendering

Watch your data acquire and then render a super-resolution image in near real-time using our GPU accelerated localization microscopy software.

Programmable lasers

Control every aspect of your Nanoimager, from laser source selection to exposure time.

Python script integration

With our Python command shell you can automate your system to meet your needs.

Remote operation, after sample loading

You can easily operate remotely your super-resolution system in bio-safety cabinets and other tricky situations that require remote operations.

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