NimOS software has been developed to provide users with a range of tools that analyse and present fluorescence microscopy data in a fast and quantitative way.


Data acquisition

Acquisition made simple

It is quick and easy to acquire all the data you will ever need using our dedicated Nanoimager software. NimOS is a complete software suite which enables you to control every aspect of your ONI Nanoimager, from laser source selection to exposure time.

Watch your data acquire and then render a super-resolution image in near real time using our GPU accelerated localization microscopy software. NimOS allows you to tailor your analysis search space to your individual needs.

You can also use a high level programming approach, via our Python command shell, to automate your system to meet your specific scientific application.

With unlimited NimOS licences, you are not tied to doing acquisition and analysis on the same computer so when you're sharing a microscope with others, your acquisition won't be held up by your colleagues' analysis work.

Fluorescence microscopy data analysis

Analysis in one place

Super-resolution microscopy

  • Quantify molecular clustering

  • Measure colocalization of molecules detected in different colors

  • Distribution of localizations in specific directions

  • Standard deviation of fitted functions, photon counts and other technical details

Read more about the Nanoimager's super-resolution microscopy techniques.

smFRET microscopy

  • View individual traces or population averages

  • Group traces with distinct behavior

  • 2D histograms of stoichiometry versus FRET efficiency for Alternating Laser Excitation (ALEX) mode

More on smFRET microscopy.

Single-particle tracking

  • Includes sptPALM analysis

  • Results generated in seconds

  • Characterization of diffusion including active transport of molecules or particles

  • Estimates size and count of particles tracked in solution

More on single-particle tracking.

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