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Nanoimager S

The S is the fully-loaded instrument with ultimate resolution and configured to accommodate as many different experiments as possible.

key features
  • Up to four lasers with up to 1 W of power and highest available power densities at the sample
  • Dual emission channels
  • Optimized for a wide range of objectives
  • Confocal / SIM
  • 3D localization by astigmatic lens
  • Water-cooled sCMOS camera
image description
Imaging modalities
  • Single-molecule imaging based 3D localization microscopy
  • Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) spectroscopy
  • Single-particle tracking
  • SIM / Confocal
  • Epi / HILO / TIRF illumination
Software features
  • Real-time 3D localization analysis and rendering (sCMOS optimized)
  • FRET trace analysis
  • Residual drift correction
  • Scripting interface
  • Laser program and Z-stack
Achievable resolution
  • Lateral: exceeding 20 nm
  • Axial: exceeding 50 nm
Acquistion speed
  • 100 fps full frame
  • 5 kHz with frame height cropped to 2 %
Simultaneous dual-color channels
  • < 10 nm channel mapping accuracy
3D imaging technique
  • Astigmatism
Total number of imaging colors
  • Up to 4 lasers
Field of view
  • 50 μm x 80 μm per channel